Ring-A-Ding is done!

I’m working on the next installment of the Knitting World Cup…Ring-A-Ding tank for Allysa. I did a prototype in which I learned a few things…didn’t like it at all…anyway, I cast on for the REAL one yesterday and sewed the rings on, should be done in a few days…the whole story is on my blog. And…thanks everyone for your kind comments about the prototype :wink:

I LOVE this - I think its great the way you put the rings in now to save you doing it later. I really like the colour and am impressed you have the courage to go ahead and fiddle around with designing. Great job there Becka =D :cheering:

:smiley: Thanks so much, Mulene :smiley:

:smiley: I finished Allysa’s Ring-A-Ding (kinda like our Ing-A-Ling :wink: ) tank last night. This was truly a very, very fun knit and design…I think that she is going to like it :smiley:
I used size 6 Addis, 2 skeins of Coats and Clarks TLC cotton yarn in lavender, 13-2" cabone rings and 2-1" cabone rings.
I knit 12 tabs along the bottom onto which the 2" rings were sewn. Then knit seed st border; changed to St st with seed st side panels; knit 3 seed st straps in the back which were attached to a 2" cabone ring, as were the straps from the front…fun and easy. I will write up the pattern in a few days, I think…it’s a 4T.

It looks fabulous, Becka!!! I love the color!

Oh Becka that is wonderful! Brilliantly well done - love how you designed it yourself its excellent :cheering:

Very cute, Rebecca. You are quite talented. :XX:

She’ll love it! :thumbsup: I can foresee much swinging in her future! :lol:
Don’t you just love TLC Cotton Plus?! :inlove:

Way too cute!

I love it! I can see my DD in something like that! :inlove:

:smiley: Thanks everyone! It was really fun to both design and knit, I can’t wait to see how she likes it! But, her bday isn’t until the end of next month, so it (along with the other things) won’t be sent until later. I’m now working on the cuteGF Swing Coat :wink:

Adorable! :smiley:

Too cute!!
You’ll have to get her some go-go boots with go with her adorable new dress. :wink: Great job!

That might be the cutest knit ever! You’ve got to get her to model it for you too :slight_smile:

Great name for the ring a ding! Love the swing coat too!

Mama Bear

Thanks, everyone :smiley:
LOL, that’s a good idea…gogo boots would look cute with it, GMS :wink: