Right to left?

This is going to sound like a really dumb question. I’m using a pattern with those little block thingies for the first time, and I can’t figure out whether to read it from right to left or left to right.

A chart you mean. Start at the bottom right and read the RS rows (usually the odd numbered ones) from right to left. Read the WS rows (the even ones) from left to right if knitting flat. If you’re knitting in the round, read the even ones from right to left too.

Thanks a lot!

I helps me to remember that charts are written as if I’m looking at the right (public) side. So like Sue said, row 1 & odd rows (RS) right to left. Row2 & even rows (WS) worked left to right.

I like putting a post-it note under the row I’m working. Keeps me on track. Then I move the post-it after each row.

I can’t stand working from a chart. I take charts and write them out on paper so that I can follow them. Evil things are charts.

Yeah Trvvn, sometimes I do that too. Often I have to enlarge the chart just to read it. My eyes aren’t what they used to be.

I’m with Trvvn. If there is too much in the chart for me to take in at a glance, I will write it out. I’m doing the heel of a sock right now with three different colors of yarn that is on a chart and it’s epic fail time.

I think a lot of us hate charts to begin with. I know I used to. But so many good patterns are written with charts so I had to bite the bullet and get used to them. Now I don’t mind them. I do like to enlarge charts if they are small and I also like to color code the symbols for easier reading. Takes a while to do and easy to make a mistake:eyes: , but both of those things apply to writing the charts out in words as well.