Right Side/Wrong Side

I know this may sound like a ridiculously simple question, but I’m still new to this…
When a pattern says WS or RS, I know it stands for wrong side and right side, but what does that mean???
Please help!

The RS is the side that you see when you are wearing it. The WS is the side that is worn closest to your body. Which side is which depends on your pattern. Some stitch patterns (such as garter) look the same on both sides so it really doesn’t matter which side you choose as RS. Other sticth patterns (like stocking stitch) are very different so the RS might be the knit side of the fabric and the WS the purl side, or vice versa.

That’s right. If you have any kind of problem telling the wrong side/hidden side from the right side/public-viewing side, here’s a tip:
Take a strand of contrasting-color yarn and tie it around a couple of stitches so that the two ends hang out both on the right side.

Now you can quickly spot which is which, even if the stitch (such as the garter stitch) isn’t immediately obvious as to rs/ws.

Hope this helps,