Right side, wrong side?

Okay, I know what the right side looks like and what the wrong side looks like for a stockinette stitch. This is only my first project and I can’t seem to figure out which side is the right side in my pattern. The pattern goes:

Row 1: P1, *K3, P2, repeat until last four then K3, P1
Row 2: K1, *P3, K2, repeat until last four then P3, K1

After two and a half inches, it says to continue in stocking stitch, knit on right side, purl on wrong side. But … from what I’ve seen both sides have a little right and a little wrong! I’m guessing that I just make sure that I’m ready to repeat row 1, then just knit instead of following that pattern?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

That’s what I would do. Usually, odd numbered rows are the right side.

My CO edges normally have a distinctive look. I decide which side I want that to show.


I would just start the next row as a knit row and go from there. Ribbing is double sided so there really isn’t a right and wrong side to ribbing. Just make sure you keep that first and last stitch in pattern.