Right side, Wrong side

I am a fairly new knitter. My sister ask me to knit her a scarf with eyelash yarn. I put it down and now I cannot tell which side is right side and which is wrong side. You knit on the right and purl on the wrong but I cannot seem to tell with this yarn. Is there a way tell maybe using the tail from when I cast on. Should it be on the right or left?

If you used a long-tail cast on, your tail will be on the right if the right side is facing you and you started with a right-side row. Right? :teehee:

If you used a single-strand cast on, it will be the opposite.

If you can’t see which side is which, there’s no need for a stitch pattern, right? Why not knit every row, if you prefer to knit, or purl every row, if you prefer to purl? That will be easier for you and eliminate the curling on the scarf.