Right Side / Wrong Side?

I lost count. How Can I tell the difference between right side and wrong side. I started with a dbl cast on which gave me my first row. I think I have done three more but I am not possitive.

Also when you do dbl cast on and you have your first knit row is that wrong side?


I am doing garter stitch.

If you’re doing garter stitch, I don’t think right side and wrong side matter. Both sides look the same!

I agree. If it’s important to you, though, you can look for your tail. I personally don’t count the cast on row as row 1. So depending on how you want to count, you can see where your tail is on a right side or wrong side row by picturing where it was in the beginning.

Since I don’t count my cast on row, I know that while knitting row 1, and all odd rows, my tail will be on the right edge of my work.

I figured it out. I was trying to count the rows to figure out how many I had done. I couln’t figure out why there were only three rows, I knew I had done more than that. Then I rememberd that half of them were on one side and the rest were on the other side.

This is my first project so I am not familiar with hoe everthing looks. :shrug:

Don’t get discouraged! You’ll have those needles flying before you know it!