Right Side Wrong Side Question?

I know this sounds stupid BUT . . .
When using a long tail cast-on, is the first row I am about to knit (side facing me) the wrong side or right side?

When pattern states row 1 RS. Is the first row (the one facing me) the RS or the WS???

Thanks for your help,

It’s row one of your pattern–usually the right side.

technically, the long tail cast on also completes your first row by making a row of purl bumps, so a lot of references will tell you to then start your stockinette with a wrong side row.

that said, i generally use the long tail cast on and always start on the first right side row anyway, just as i would for any other cast on (as i’m sure many others do, also).

I’m still confused???

There is a difference of opinion on the long tail cast on. Some people say that the long-tail cast on should count as a row when working stockinette stitch. Others treat the cast-on as just a cast-on and count the first row of the pattern as the first row.

I happen to be one who doesn’t count the cast on as a row.

As for the right side, or wrong side, your pattern should tell you if the first row is a rs or ws row.

If you’re working st st, you can purl the first knitted row and call it row 2, or just knit the first row. It really isn’t that big a deal for straight stockinette.

Personally if a pattern says to cast on and then knit X number of rows, I do just that.

I just recently heard about the `advice’ that you should work the first row after the CO as the WS row if you do a long tail cast on. I’ve been knitting since I was in high school (a very long time ago) and usually use the long tail and just do the next row as written in the pattern. A cast on is a cast on and a row is a row.