Right side versus wrong side

Hello…I’m a beginner knitter and the language is very foreign to me. A pattern I’m trying is a baby hat, and I’ve done 4 inches of stockinette stitch…now the pattern says Next Row (wrong side)…with the knitted work facing where?? is the wrong side? facing to the left of the needle or the right? Oh HELP!


The “wrong” side of stockinette is the bumpy side. The “right” side is the one that looks flat and has little v stitches.

The side facing YOU is the side to look at. If the little v stitches or flat side is facing you then you are seeing the right side. You knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side to get stockinette.

Okie dokey thanks very much…maybe I’m taking things too seriously…I’m holding the work horizontally in my left hand…, by the needle. The side facing me is bumpy…so its the “wrong” side.

Thanks so much!