Right side is now wrong side

I picked up a baby blanket after a couple of weeks. After 3 rows, I realize it is WRONG!! The right side is now on the back! Help! It is my first major project, I can handle the space that is wrong, but how do I get the right side back to the right side?

thanks in advance for the help.

PS. It is a purl row, knit row, p row, k row, p row, k 5 rows repeat a million times, I picked up on the 2nd purl and ended before the k 5 rows.

:pout: Nothin’ to do but rip it back! There’s a video here about inserting a needle so you don’t rip too far.

Inserting a needle into destination row, [I]before[/I] unraveling

It sounds sad and drastic, but you’ll be glad you fixed it in the end!

Thank you! After watching the video, and making an attempt, I made up my own way (that I am sure a million people do!). But, my point, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I was not looking forward to picking up 120 stitches. Thanks for the extra push!

Anytime! We’ve all been there. :neutral: Just glad you got it worked out! :slight_smile: