Right side and wrong side

[b]I’m a new knitter and am trying to knit a baby blanket for my sister who is pregnant with twins…i am trying to do one of the checkerboard type…u know 5 knit 5 purl…with a knitted edge…however, i seemed to have gotten the sides mixed up…how can i tell the right and wrong way…i’m sure there is a simple way…but…thanks…


One of the beauties of that pattern is that it’s reversible! Although it’s fairly easy to check which side is which by looking at your yarn tail from casting on. If you used the long tail method, and your first row was the right side, look at your work, and the tail should be in the lower right hand corner if your right side is facing you. You can use a piece of yarn or something similar {a small safety pin works great!} to mark your right side so that you always know.