Right side and wrong side on the booga

This is my first time working with the circular needles and doing the booga bag. I’m about halfway done with the bag. On the outside I see all garter stitches. On the INSIDE of the bag is the pretty stockingette stitch. I realize the bag is going to be felted so it probably does not make a bit of difference, but I’m just wondering if I did that right. Once you knit your bottom and then pick up stitches, should I be seeing all garter stitch on the outside?

Also, on one or two of the sides where I picked up stitches, there are loops sticking out. They are complete stitches, but they seem to jut out a bit. This is on the two shorter sides. The third side where I picked up stitches looks great. Is this normal or what have I done wrong?

I haven’t made my booger yet, but it sounds like you got your inside on the outside when you were picking up stitches. Your needles should always be closer to you than your work when working in the round… it should be behind and below the needles as you look at it. Clear as mud?

Personally, since you’re felting it, I can’t see it making much of a difference. And most of all, as long as it’s all the same way, who is gonna tell you that you did it wrong? That’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to be b/c that’s the way you did it!!!

Well, I wonder how the heck I managed that?! When I’m done, can I just turn it inside-out? I’m wondeing if I should frog it and start over?

You probably just got it turned the wrong way as you were picking up the stitches around the bottom. If the outside of your bottom is the purl side as well, you could turn it inside out and it would be okay. If you haven’t gone too far on the sides you could frog it, but I say why bother? You’re going to be felting it anyway, and as long as the stitches are all the same, does it really matter?

Just my 2¢ CAN,

After felting, it just doesn’t matter. Continue as you are, then felt it. After felting, look at both sides, then pick the one you like best and make it the outside during blocking!

And it’s really easy to work inside-out after you pick up stitches on the bottom; I did the same thing!