Right or Wrong?

If a pattern says to end on “right side facing for next row”, does that mean the right side should be facing me ?

I would take that to mean that you just finished a wrong side row, and you are about to begin a right side row so the right side is now facing you. Does it make sense that your next step is to knit a right side facing part of the pattern?

Yes… thank you. I am making my first sweater and it is a little daunting!

Cool! What is the pattern? I’m just finishing (OK, I’m putting off finishing :wink: ) my first adult size sweater in the round (from Knitting Pure and Simple).

It is a Knit Long Cardigan, using Bernat Soft Boucle. It is the pattern that came on the back of the lable. I have had this sitting around for about a year, afraid to start on it for fear of messing up. But I decided the only way I will ever learn is to make mistakes, so last night I just picked up the yarn and got started. I can’t wait to finish it; it is really exciting to spend time doing something that is actually productive! And (hopefully) I will have a nice sweater. :happydance:

Enjoy! I loved figuring it out and mastering what seemed to be the complicated bits, but I lost steam when it came to sleave #2. For some reason I expected sleaves to knit up faster – apparently I have long arms :teehee: You’ll also get practice with seaming and finishing. I need work in that dept :??