Right front cable cardigan- shape shoulder


I am knitting a cable cardigan and am confused about last step of instructions for the right front piece. I have knitted the v-neck and armhole abd the last step is to shape shoulder. Pattern says
" at arm edge, bind off 7sts twice, then 6 sts once". Does that mean bind off 14 then 6? It doesnt say 7 at the beg of next 2 rows.
This is an okd brunswick pattern # 8097.
Any help woukd be appreciated.


Welcome to KH!
Bind off 7sts, work to the end of the row, work the return row (row 2) then repeat the bind off row and the following return row (rows 3 & 4). Now bind off 6 sts once at the beginning of the row (row 5). All the bind offs start close to the arm edge.


Thank you so much.