Right Front Boarder


I am knitting my first garment for a child, I have managed to construct the cardigan using King Cole Island and Beaches pattern however I am now struggling with my front right border.

As I am working on the larger size as the pattern states to pick up 122 sts which I have done. However the next part of the pattern has confused me as I am not sure whether I should have left over stitches unworked in ribbing?

The pattern:

Next row: Rib 36, cast off 2 sts, [rib 13] cast off 2 sts [5] times, rib 3

Next row: Rib 4, cast on 2 sts, [rib 14] cast on 2 sts, [5] times, rib to end.

Work 3 rows in rib 2x2
Cast off in rib

The problem is, I am left with additional stitches still on my left needle as I begin with 122 sts, as this is my first time I am confused as how I should proceed.

Lastly, as I was working on the front right border I feel as though I am creating buttonholes? although the instructions for the front left border explicitly mentions to omit buttonholes for the left side?

Any help to decipher this pattern would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for responding

I think you are correct that you are making button holes here. The buttons on the left boarder and the button holes on the right boarder. If it appears wrong to you, have you got the left and right sides correct? It will be as the garment is worn, not as you look at it.

The stitches don’t appear to add up. Have you typed it out exactly as the pattern is written?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!
The stitch count works out and there shouldn’t be extra sts leftover.
It takes 3sts to cast off 2sts. When the pattern says cast off 2sts then rib another 13sts, it’s isn’t counting the stitch leftover from the cast off as one of the 13. You’ll actually have 14sts on the right hand needle before the next cast off.
So to start the row, rib 36, cast off 2, then rib 13 more sts (14sts on the right hand needle) then cast off 2 and so on.

As far as left and right borders, remember that right and left on the sweater are defined as you would wear the sweater.


Thank you both for responses.

I shall begin my second attempt and hopefully with the responses it has helped me a lot!

One last thing I would like to clarify is, when I construct the second left border, for both these rows as they are creating buttonholes, do I replace them with plain 2x2 ribbing? or do I just follow the pattern without additional two rows.

Many thanks once again :slight_smile:

Follow the same total number of rows as for the buttonhole band so that both the button and buttonhole bands are the same.