Right front and left front instructions

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Hi, am confused by the raglan shaping for 4th size., so have 32 stitches as per instructions. - Am on the instructions on left hand column (left front). I think there is an miscount of stiches remaining after the 1st row instruction (ie 30 - a decrease by 2, not 1). Thought I’d look at the instructions for the right side to see what was going on, but now even more confused as I thought the instructions would be almost the same to copy except for the type and placement of the decrease from a psso to k2tog.
OR, is it all OK as I see that the right side instructions start the raglan decreasing on a ws.
Sorry - complicated , or maybe it’s not. Very hard to explain in words. But basically - do I just carry on with the instructions as it will all work out in the end or is there an error?

Yes, looks like an error in the pattern. It’s consistently off for each of the sizes. Easiest to disregard the stitch count of 30 and consider it 31 then decrease on the next row (call it row 1) and rows 3 and 5 which will bring you to 28sts.

I’ve recently worked 2 fronts at the same time and like you I stopped to glare at the pattern forna bit as the left front and right front had different instructions. You are right that one of the fronts the raglan shaping starts on RS and the other front it starts on WS and this is why the instructions look different.
It’s one of those times when it makes more sense on the needles. As I was working both at the same time I had a couple rows rows where I needed to focus, shaping on one but just knit across the other, then the next row it was the other way around… it does work to trust the pattern on that aspect (although obviously if there is a stitch count error that you’ve found don’t trust it on that!)

Thank you for your wise words. I will carry on and trust the pattern,but ignore the error on stitch count.

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So, I’ve now got as far as shaping the neck - is the cast off on the same edge as the raglan or the opposite.
In the previous part of the pattern, it was decrease until 28 stitches (which I did), which was on a right side,as yet, my next row is a ws or do I do row2 of the raglan shaping - that would then mean the cast off would be on the same side as the shaping.

The raglan is the armhole edge and the neck edge is at the neck. So they are opposite edges.

The cast off of 8sts is at the neck edge. Then you’ll decrease one stitch at the neck edge on rows 1,2,3 and 4. Decrease one stitch at the raglan armhole on rows 1 and 3 (14sts remaining).

Dec one stitch at the neck on rows 5,7,9 and 11 and at the raglan edge on rows 5,7,9 and 11 (6sts rem).

Dec at the raglan edge only on rows 13,15,17 and 19.

Sometimes it helps to draw a diagram or a table of these decreases to keep on track. Check them off as you work the rows. You’re getting there!