Right and wrong sides for a hat. How to switch?

Hey everyone,

yesterday I made a hat with the ribbing that folds over (I will post pictures later). So I needed two right sides facing the same way, for ribbing and the top. I cheated and changed direction making it deeper on the front. It worked but it’s not an elegant solution. (The hat turned out cute and my husband now wants one :))

As I understand, there are few ways of dealing with it, like starting with ribbing without twisting purl stitches and maybe using different cast on method. This way it would have the same ribbing on both sides. But this purling is tiring, I tried.

Also, I could just purl instead of knit the top. It’s awkward and makes my hands tense, for the same reason.

What do you do?

I’m a little confused on what you’re asking. When you post pictures, could you also link to the pattern, or tell us which it is?

Sorry, I know it’s sort of silly :slight_smile: Here is the picture


I looked at other free patterns on Ravelry and they seem to fold the ribbing so that the wrong side becomes right. But you know how you get twisted purl stitches when you make ribbing in the round? Well, I do. So my ribbing does look like it’s on the wrong side if I just fold it. Does it make more sense?

Purls don’t show as twisted though the knit side of them will. They shouldn’t normally be twisted though unless you like that or the pattern instructs you to, and they don’t look like it on this project. So I’m still not sure what you’re asking… Isn’t this finished already?

The hat looks perfect. Even zooming in on the ribbing, I can’t see the problem but if it bothers you, you might consider a different method of purling. I normally knit English and the purls don’t usually twist. Or just watch what is happening to your purl sts and correct the twist as you knit, at least on these reversible ribs.

Oh, I am a moron. Not the purls, the knits are twisted on the wrong side :slight_smile: I mean, they are purls on the right side that look like twisted knits on the wrong side.

See, I have the right side crown attached to the wrong side ribbing. Because I changed direction. I wonder if there is another trick to make ribbing on the wrong side look just like that on the right side.

It’s finished, yes, (and thanks!) but I want to make another, a better one :slight_smile:

That’s probably the only solution (sigh). It just makes it uncomfortable… so I was asking to see if I can do some kind of trick before purling in a different way.

Thanks. I will report on the second hat :slight_smile:

Okay, either twist both the purls and knits or don’t twist them when you’re working in the round, depending on the look you want.