Right- and Wrong-side Help

I’ve had patterns tell me to do something specific on the RIGHT SIDE of the work. What does that even mean? I researched and found that there are two sides to a work: right and wrong. I couldn’t understand how you knew which side was which when there are no distinguishing characteristics (like a plain square peice for measuring). I assume the right side is the side you want to see, and the wrong side would be the back side of a piece of work. But…

How do you know which side you’re working on? How do you hold your needles/work a stitch to make it appear on the right side? I don’t understand it. I’m trying to make booties and mittens for my 4 month old son, and basically every pattern stresses the right side and my knitting doesn’t turn out right. I don’t know what to do.

It depends on the pattern and stitch. If you’re doing garter stitch or seed stitch both sides look the same. To denote which side is the “front” or RS put a safety pin or removable marker on that side so you’ll know.

If you’re doing stockinette then one side looks smooth with V’s on it. The other side is bumpy. Usually, but not always, the smooth V’s are considered the front or RS. The bumpy side is the WS.

Think of a sweater… There is an inside (WS or back) and an outside (RS or front). The RS is often called the public side…the side that people see.