Ridiculously easy first jumper/sweater pattern please

Well, title kinda says it all really - really easy but nice, pref v neck, plain and simple - any suggestions please :smiley:

Check out the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns…they arent free, but they are basic and EASY!

you might want to edit your subject to include the word “sweater”. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know that in Britian what we call sweater is a jumper. KK just happens to work for a British company though :slight_smile:

thanks for the website Kelly, looks like what I was looking for, only they seem to be a US company and you cant download them :frowning:

Well, that’s just cruddy!

One of the first things the 75yr old President of our organization taught me was how to say “Stick it up your jumper”! :roflhard:

I know its not a pullover, but have you seen SONNET? Its worn LIKE a pullover. :?? Very easy pattern that gives you the calculations for any yarn.

OH! And there’s a GREAT neck-down jumper in the Knitting Pattern-a-Day 2006 Desk Calendar called Elaine Big Easy Pullover! I wonder if you can get that BOOK across the pond??