I am still having an awful time. I started wiith the cast on http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/Vegpami/CIMG1409.jpg
(I did it again and even managed professionally to mess it up)
It was tight so I cast on with 2 needles and slid one out. I STILL cannot get the first stitch! I do not know the lingo either “you will be on the purl side of your work”. I have no idea what that means. I know purl is a type of stitch and that’s it.
This is how I feel the second I pick up my needles and mess up (ps it’s 2:30 so my eyes are all red)

And this is the only fun thing I can do with my needles (she likes it)

I make scarves like these

but they are sorta sewn, not knitted.
I do not know what to pull through what or by which loop(s) to do so. I am very VERY upset! Did it take you a million times to get this?
I managed to move my cast on stitch to the other needle and thought for a second I was knitting then I realized that there was no extra yarn involved…

Try watching Amy’s video for a Demo of a small project. I think you will be able to see where she goes with that first stitch.

When you CO, your sts should slide back & forth on the needle pretty easily, without being “loose”. I know its frustrating for now, but something WILL “click” and you’ll be knitting away like nobody’s business!

THe Purl st is the Opposite, or BACKSIDE of the knit st. So when you come to the end of a knit row and turn your work, you are then on the purl side! TA DAAAAA!!! :wink:

After you cast on, align your stitches so all the loops are on top and the stitches are on the bottom. Then, have the needle with the cast-on stitches in your left hand. The needle goes into the front side (closest to you) of the first loop near the tip.

Watch the videos, google knitting directions for lots of sites with pictures, and hang in there!

Thank you…still haven’t gotten it…

I think people don’t realize this was meant to be a light hearted post…