Ridgeway Sweater - neckline question

I just finished the main body knitting 7" of the broken rib stitch and breaking the yarn.

I have threaded the center 41 stitches for the front neck and the center 41 stitches for the back neck onto stitch holders. The front 41 stitches for the neck are already off the circular needles and I am getting ready re-join the yarn onto the front left neck as instructed, to knit the Row 1 comfort row of purls only. My question is: am I purling all the way from the front left neck to the front right neck on the comfort row and leaving the center 41 for the back stitches on the circular needle and THEN starting the Row 2 broken rib increase row and THEN taking the center 41 for the back off the circular needles? Or, do I take the back center 41 stitches off the circular needle while knitting the purl comfort row. I know that I am knitting back and forth (not circular knitting) for this part, but am confused by the sequence as written. As usual, any help is welcome…



Leave the back sts on the needles for this section. The front 41sts come off the needles, the yarn is reattached to the left side of the neck opening and then the first row is purled from front neck edge to front neck edge. Work the purl row and broken rib alternately for 3" then place the center back sts on spare yarn or a holder.

You’re almost finished with this beautiful sweater!