Rico fashion fur wool

Hi , I am quite new to knitting and I have a pattern using Rico Fashion Fur wool. Does anyone have any experience with this particular wool. Is it an easy to knit wool?
Before I take the plunge and buy some I could do with some advice from an experienced knitter please. Thanks. Littleblue

In my opinion anything that is furry, fuzzy, boucle etc is not for beginners. It’s difficult to see your stitches so therefore harder to learn stitches or find mistakes which are inevitable for anyone especially beginners.

If you really must knit this project with furry yarn then at least learn well with a smooth plain yarn first.

Thank you Jan , I did wonder if it would be sensible to knit the pattern in plain DK wool first.

I’ve been knitting for quite a few years now and I still stay away from fuzzy yarn… Much as I may like how it looks all knit up nicely, I don’t consider it worth the time and effort. Knitting is supposed to be calm and restful and most of the time, it is… One day I might venture forth but not today. Today I’d rather enjoy the rhythm of the needles and think happy thoughts! :slight_smile:
TEMA :knitting:

Hi TEMA thank you for your comment. I only recently took up knitting , I could not get the hang of it when my mother tried to teach me when I was a child. I decided to teach myself and I am slowly getting to grips with it all. To hear from an experienced knitter that they too avoid fluffy yarns makes me feel a little better about my inexperience.
Your comments made me feel part of this community and for that I am grateful. Littleblue