Rick Rack purse---easy?

I am going to get the pattern for the Rick Rack purse, but haven’t done so yet. Actually, I was thinking of donating my services to make one for DH’s fundraiser at work (next week). It would be more of a pick your colors, I will make it for you.

I have made a felted purse before (knitted bottom, picked up stitches, knitted in the round and did an I-cord for strap), and was wondering how easy or difficult this pattern is before I donate my services. Thanks.


The Rick Rack purse pattern is fairly simple and a quick project. The most time consuming part is the i-cord bind off and the handles, but they are worth the work.

I found it to be real easy to do too… and fast… yesterday I got one completed and today was hoping to get the 2nd completed but had more interruptions :lol:

I found the I-cord and the 6th round of the base to go the slowest… all this week I’ll be knitting and felting… I’m going home soon and mom will then help me with the lining part… cause my last purse I lined she made me rip it out :oops: :rofling: