Rice Stitch/scarf

Is there any way to add border on a scarf that is finished?
I have just completed a scarf that is beautiful but…curling like a tube. I used the rice stitch, I wonder if I add a border will that help
or can it been done on a finished product.
ok thanks so much

If you made your scarf out of yarn with natural fiber in it, you might try blocking it first. That often takes the curl out.

You can add an edging. You will have to pick up the stitches around the edge of your scarf. Picking up stitches for a long piece of fabric can be tricky because it can be hard to get them even. Here’s a trick I use:

Measure off sections of 1 or 2 inches on your knitting, depending on how thick your yarn is, and tie a piece of contrasting color waste yarn around the edge stitch. Then pick up an even number of stitches in between those sections, instead of trying to do the whole piece of knitted fabric. Your picked up stitches will come out much more even that way.

Thank you I will try this and see what happens