Rice Crispie Treats

The kids and I made some treats today. I let them make shapes rather than just plain old squares. Here are some pics. we are not sure what my daughter made but she had fun making them.

Yum! Looks like fun!

It’s amazing what you can do with rice krispee treats. :zombie: Here’s a cake and the head is entirely of rice krispee treats (it’s a moose head btw) lol:roflhard:

Now I’ve got a craving for Rice Krispie treats! I love the ones that are made with peanut butter, I could make myself sick on those!

Looks like a grand ole sticky time!!

I saw a really neat thing in a magazine where they put Rice Krispie treats in the plastic Easter eggs.

actually, they taste best when they’re still warm, and you eat them out of the pan with a spoon. But that wouldn’t be as much fun for the kids.:slight_smile:

Actually I think we ate almost as much as we molded while it was still warm because yes it is best while still warm