Ribbon Yarns

I am finding myself drawn to ribbon yarns. I’ve played a little with Lion Brand Incredible and am currently working with Katia Idea Jeans.

Any tips on how to prevent twisting? Any tips for ribbon yarn in general.?There is a great spring tank top pattern using Lion Brand Incredible and the elongated stitch I saw just recently. My goal is to find a ribbon yarn a really like to make this top.


The advice I have seen repeatedly is not to worry about twisting, just knit with it. It’ll look fine. I’m currently working on a top in Colinette Giotto (Colinette’s Sandpiper) and am completely disregarding any twist in the yarn. It looks great. My biggest problem with ribbon yarns is splitting. Even the size 19’s I’m using (yes, 19!) occasionally snag the ribbon in the middle.

Sandpiper looks like this:

I am using Berroco Suede for a project (baby booties). I spent the first half of the bootie letting the work dangle to untwist the yarn, making sure it didn’t twist if possible, etc. and just overall being paranoid about it.

I finally said “Heck with it!” and just knitted it as is. I can’t tell ANY difference between the areas where I was careful and the areas where I didn’t care. :??

So maybe the secret with ribbon yarn is letting go of that need to control the darn yarn and letting it twist. It sure is annoying to see that happen though.

I don’t think you need to worry about twisting. But if it drives you batty, try winding it into a center pull ball. Then put the ball in a bowl across the room, and rather than pulling from the center of the ball, pull from the outside. By the time it reaches your needles, it will generally be untwisted.

Yeah, no worries then. ignore the twisting, knit, knit, knit. I really like the way it feels and according to Big Girl Knits, ribbon yarns are a big girls best friend.

Thanks for all the input.