Ribbon yarn

I’m thinking of making a hat with ribbon yarn. Is this a good idea or no? I don’t suppose it would be as comfortable as others, and I can’t find a pattern specifically made using ribbon yarn for a hat.

Would it be best just to plain knit or stockinette? Would other prettier stitches look good with it?

I’ve never used ribbon yarn before, so point me in the right direction

No oneee?

What kind of ribbon is it? Is it thin or thick. I am using Lion Brand Increadible and it doesn’t show detail very well, so I think you should just use a simple stitch pattern for that. But if it is like Crystal Palace ribbon (pretty thin), I think it will look great with any pattern. I would love to see what you do with it. I have extra and planned on making a hat.

It looks like that. I mean the ladder type style. The colour is called summer, but one side looks like summer and one like spring.

I’m using size 6 needles, and it knits up as to where you don’t see the sections inbetween the steps (of the ladder). It makes me think of flowers, really.

I think with the detail the ribbon has on it’s own, you shouldn’t take away anything from it by trying to work it in fancy stitches. Also the ribbon’s detail may make it to where you cannot see the detail of the stitches. So pretty much, why waste the effort when it stands on it’s own so well. I would just knit it up in stockinette.

Well. I’m making it for my sister, and she saw the knit swatch in the store and said she doesn’t like stockinette…I suppose I’ll just use the knit stich.
Thanks LoAnnie :slight_smile:

No problem…I’d like to see it when you are done. I’m frogging my ribbon yarn project yet again, because i don’t like the way it turned out.
Thus is the life of knitters.

I like to use ladder yarn with something else. Do you think it will be sturdy enough for a hat alone? I’ve never seen that used alone for a hat–I’ve actually only seen it alone in scarves. I hope it works out… make sure you post pics, I’m interested in seeing what it looks like.

I was wondering about it being sturdy enough…I guess it should be fine as long as she’s careful with it…