So I was up till after 1am trying to work on this project that has to be done by tonight. When I picked it up this morning I found 2 dropped stitches! I never drop stitches. I had to frog 10 rows! insert blood curtling scream here

I hate dropping stitches. It’s horrible for me to fix them.

And you’ll get it done by tonight :slight_smile:

What type of project is it?

you couldn’t have picked those stitches up and wove them up to the needle with crochet hook?
bummer, hate frogging.

I had just kept on knitting, and it was nice and firm. No room to really bring them up. And one of them was on the edge of an area that had been decreased. I probably could have come up with ways to fake it, but no necessarily that would take less time than taking it out. OY! I am still going, but worried I won’t make it now. I can’t believe how much an extra hour put me behind. Like a whole hour behind! LOL! :slight_smile:

uggggh! what a pain!

so sorry :frowning: …happens to all of us from time to time, I’m afraid :wink: