Ribbit ribbit

I am so annoyed at this darn project. I am so tired of screwing up everything I knit. I know it’s supposed to be about the process and relaxing and not perfection but I hate putting work into things just to have to start over again and again. GRRRRR!!!

This time I am making a dress for DD, a big project for me. It takes me a long time mostly because it has many colorchanges and patterns and I have to only do it when I can be 100% focussed so I only get a bit of time each evening on it or when DD is in preschool and I am supposed to be exercizing. I put a few weeks into it and decided I better start over because I messed up too much on the colorchanging and had puckers/gaps etc. So I decided since I was starting over I would do it in the round instead of a front and back. So I start up and try to make sure nothing it twisted, put several more days into it only to realize it’s twisted and I have to start over. So I cast on 200 of the 210 stitches only to see I have underestimated the yarn and will have to…you guessed it…start over!

Okay, thanks for listening. I know I will get through this and it will be worth it and yelling at DH isn’t helping because he just wants me to not do it so I’ll quit griping at him instead of realizing the griping is all part of the process for me ykwim?

I feel better now, back to cast on 210 stitches yet again. Wish me luck, apparently I need it. LOL

I hear ya! :zombie: One way to avoid twisting in circ. knitting is to knit back and forth for the 1st few rows, then join. At the end of the project, go back and seam those few rows together.
Best of luck!

Oh! I feel your pain!! I am trying to make a Christmas Stocking for my mom and it is my first time to follow a real pattern plus it is a chart with a lot of color changes. I have ripped it and started over 2 times!!! I was trying to get a big part of it done while my 2 yr old was at grandma’s house, but I had to rip it out and start over right before she came home!!

I know it will be great in the end, and we have to just enjoy the process of it. DH’s just don’t understand that you have to gripe a little and get it out! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!!!

Sometimes it helps to… have a 2nd knitting project just for chilling with. Not so complicated that it pushes your envelope every time you pick up the needles like the ones you are working on now.

There’s room in this world for both types of projects!

And hey - everyone can use a knitted dishcloth or potholder, right? I keep a couple on hand for those “unexpected” gifts that I forgot about and want to do justice to.

Hope this helps,

I had to laugh this morning (instead of the crying I wanted to do!!) an think about this post when I had to rip out several rows of my stocking (AGAIN!). I had to follow the suggestion and put it down and start a dishrag just to keep my sanity. I think that the dishrag is going to be very therapeutic!! :slight_smile:


Yes, at least it is good to know we are all in this together and have had similar frustrations.

Thanks for all the good suggestions

No project is complete if it hasn’t been frogged at least once. :mrgreen:


oh the bad ribbit, I was working on a lace project and I had to rip it twice. So just keep the little project on hand. They do keep you sane on the bigger projects. They take little time to make and then ya feel better at making something.
We are here for you for your venting, we have all been there.
So good luck with your project.