I know this is probably a really basic thing, but when the pattern says Rib 5 (and its at the beg of the row) does that mean do the first 5 stitches of the rib pattern for the row you are up to, then continue on with the new instructions?:knitting:

That wording is weird for me. Do you have the pattern link or a pic? What are you making?

Rib 5? Are there any “pattern notes” with your pattern which might explain what they are wanting?

You’ve got it right. Rib 5 would be to work 5 stitches of the ribbing as it’s been established. Depending of what you’ve done, it could be kpkpk, or kkppk etc.

Yes, when a pattern says rib X' orpattern x’ it means to work that number of stitches in the rib or st pattern. So do the 5 sts in whatever ribbing you’re doing, then go to the next instruction.

I’m thinking as I’m in Australia, some of my knitting terms are different to everyone else. It’s a Patons pattern and they often use this terminology. I’m going to be knitting something else soon and I was looking ahead in the pattern.