ok so i started a second project, and its a ribbed scarf, but each row i add it seems the ribbed sections have longer and longer gaps between them, is this normal? how do i avoid it from happening?
thanks in advance!


How are you moving the yarn front and back for purl and knit stitches? You should bring it between your needles and not over them. Or is it that the stitches themselves are loose?

its the string that connects each stitch, im not sure how to describe it, like if you pull the stitches apart on the needle, the purls and the stitches go really far apart because they have so much slack between them

Your tension probably isn’t even yet. Try changing the way you hold the yarn, that may help.

That first purl stitch causes a lot of problems for many people including me. Here’s a method that works beautifully when you are knitting flat for a scarf you like you are.

I figured out how to make nice ribbing for knitting in the round, but it’s not reversible so it would have to be on something that stays in the round and isn’t flipped up. :wink: If you ever need that let me know.