k1 p1 is that ribbing? i know k2 p2 is ribbing. the other way k1 p1 doesn’t look right. can some one help me. thanks maggie

Yep k1, p1 is also a rib. I think it’s called Fisherman’s Rib. It’s quite fluffy if I remember correctly.

k1, p1 ribbing is different than fisherman’s rib. It kinda looks the same, but the way fisherman’s rib is knit pushes the stitches up more to make a much more cushion-y fabric. I :heart: fisherman’s rib.

(fisherman’s rib example 1 example 2)

There you have it… :thumbsup:

I use k1p1 rib on hats a lot. It’s pretty flat, but stretches nicely. Not as much as k2p2, but it’s still nice.

Fisherman’s rib usually involves knitting the knit stitch in the stitch below or slipping a stitch, yo and knit the yo with the knit on the next row.
Here’s an example.


Ribbing is a term applied to a number of stitch combinations that involve knits and purls.

K1, P1, or K2, P2, are just the beginning! many stitch ‘dictionaries’ or treasuries or ‘collections’ (or what ever you want to call a book/calendar that has instructions for various stitches will often include 50 to 100 variations of ‘ribbing’!

ribs can be even (k1, p1) or un even (K7, P3) they can be twisted, oblique, twisted and oblique, cabled, and lots of other combination and variations.