Hello all,

I have a question about ribbing for a hat. I recently made one and used K2 P2 ribbing on the brim. It was a bit stretchier than I’d have liked. Does anyone have a recommendation for ribbing for a basic hat? Is K1P1 tighter?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

yeah, I’d say go with K1P1. K2P2 is the stretchiest rib out there (or so I’ve been told), so pretty much anything will be a tad less stretchy :thumbsup:

i might have this backwards or misunderstood, but i thought 1x1 was the stretchiest rib of them all… i thought 2x2 was pretty standard for hats… i just did a 1x1 rib on a hat and found it far too loose and switched to 2x2 and it was much snugger… with the 1x1 the pulling in on the rib was less and it stretched far wider, almost like it wouldnt’ stay on. the 2x2 made like a taut ‘ring’ for lack of a better word, but it was stretchy, just not as stretchy. if 2x2 is TOO stretchy though, i wouldn’t know what to suggest, maybe less stitches CO?

Having played around with both I’d say that 2x2 is definitely more stretchy than 1x1.

as i suspected, i think i’m misunderstanding “stretchy.” now that i’m thinking about it, 2x2 in a relaxed state is tighter than 1x1, thereby giving it more “stretch.” is that what we’re talking about? I was thinking 1x1 was stretchier (is that a word?) because in the relaxed state it’s very loose and can also be stretched, but it doesn’t have the tug the 2x2 has. when i think of a hat being too stretchy, i have a beret where the ribbing is too loose so it moves around my head, and it was 1x1, but if someone means it has to stretch too much to go on their head, then a 2x2 wouldn’t be appropriate.

i’m overelaborating here… which did you guys mean? :slight_smile:

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love it.

I think if you want to use k2p2 rib you could just use less stitches for the ribbing part otherwise use k1p1 or some other rib.

and go down a needle size(or 2) for your ribbing, you knit a different guage…so that makes it a bit looser as well…

if you want really crisp stitches, knit into the back of the loop, to twist your stitches, and that will make them notso sloppy too. (I read that somewhere, have not tried it, but the pictures really show the difference)