I was trying to knit a scarf using the ribbing pattern (k2p2) but for some reason it looks like some kind of seed pattern. I am using a size 15 needle and chunky yarn. What am I doing wrong? Thanks :??

To make ribbing, make sure you purl the stitches that have purl bumps facing you, and knit the stitches that are flat v’s.

If you’ve casted on a number of stitches that are not evenly divided by four, you’ll start row 1 with k2 and end with k2. Turning the work around to do row 2, you’ll start with p2 and end with p2.

I had to frog the start of a sweater last night for the same reason. Seed/moss stitch instead of ribbing. When I started looking hard I found I hadn’t cast on the correct number of stitches and was just following the pattern blindly. Drat.

Thanks for the input :smiley: I now know what I was doing wrong. I just have to say this again I :heart: this site.

Best bit of advice I was given for ribbing was: double check whether you’ve cast on an even or an odd number stitches before you start the work.

If I’m doing 2 x 2 rib, then it’s an even number. I think this particular rib is great for anyone new(ish) to knitting - after a couple of rows you can SEE which stitch should come next. It’s much easier to learn how a stitch is made than 1 x 1 rib - especially if using a dark colour.

Please don’t get hung up about what name stitches are given - American version Seed Stitch is different from the English one. Nothing like keeping things simple!

All Best Wishes and Happy Ribbing


Limey :thumbsup: