Ribbing - where have I gone wrong!

Hello, beginner here! I am trying to do the ribbing (k2, p2) on a baby hat but it has gone completely wrong in the middle. Both ends, however, look fine. No idea how I have managed this. Does anyone know what I have done wrong? Sorry, the photo is a little small.

You got your knits and purls off in the middle. It’s a really common mistake, especially when you’re new. I can’t tell whether you accidentally turned around or just got off by two stitches.

Unfortunately, it’d be more trouble to undo the columns and fix than to rip and start over. On the bright side, your tension looks good and even and it shouldn’t take you long to redo it. We often tell people to read their knitting, meaning learn the look of the stitches. Knit stitches facing you look like a V, purls like a dash. Once you get a row of ribbing established, after that you knit the Vs and purl the dashes.

It looks like you accidentally purled when you were supposed to be knitting and vice versa.

Each stitch has two sides… one side is the smooth V (knit side) and the other is bumpy (purls). Rib is always “knit the knits and purl the purls”. So when you turn make sure you knitting or purling them correctly. Since you don’t have much done I’d probably just start over. But if you want you can undo a few rows stitch by stitch.

Thanks for the replies! I need to pay more attention to what I’m doing as I go along then. I will try again :blush: