Ribbing the cuff question

I’ve just started another hat and I’m confused about the same thing I was last time. It’s K2 P2 on each row for 3 inches.

When doing ribbing like this, should I be knitting the purls or knitting the knits? [I]( [I]my guess is knit the purls)

Nope, ribbing is always knit the knits and purl the purls. Are you knitting in the round or flat?

Thank you, Jan. I’m knitting flat and I wanted to be sure so I wouldn’t have to start over. :slight_smile:

You need the cuff to be able to stretch and you’ll only get that with ribbing - it’s usually knit one, purl one or knit two, purl two.

Knitting the purls and vice versa gives you moss/basket stitch, but in general you would knit what shows as a knitted stitch and purl what shows as a purled stitch.

Enjoy your knitting!


Thanks, Gillian. So far, the hat looks good with a nice 3 inch ribbing.