Ribbing stretched out after trying on a finished top

I was wondering how to fix my ribbing. I made a tank top that they bottom rows are all ribbing. (K2P2). This was my very first circular needle project. now that it is finished and I tried it on, the ribbing stretched out really bad. Is there any way to fix it? I was thinking about weaving in elastic on the inside, but I don’t have any on hand that is thin enough. So I figured that I would ask here first before I go out and buy some.

Hmmm, did you make the item out of cotton yarn? Cotton has NO memory and ribbing will stretch out. All is not lost though. Just toss the lovely into the washing machine but don’t toss in the dryer, instead, lay it flat on your bed or floor on a clean towel or sheet and manipulate it into the shape that you want. Don’t have to stretch it or anything but just sorta squish together the ribbing and let it dry. It should (hopefully) be back to normal. Now with cotton you will have to do this everysingle time you wash it. It’s not like wool which has a wonderful memory.
If you’ve made it from some sort of synthetic fibre, the only thing I can think of is to throw that in the wash and dry it in the dryer on low heat, just till it’s no longer damp. Don’t hang sweaters or other items as their own weight will stretch them.
If you’ve made it from an animal fibre, you would hand wash it and then block it.
That’s the only things I can think of to get it back to normal for ya. If you want you could get some elastic thread from the craft store and weave that into the back of the ribbing. Just be careful to get it the same width around or it’ll pull in here n there n not look as good.

I used acrylic yarn…shoot. I know that my tension was off because of my first time with the circular needles. I am going to wash it and hope for the best. Worst case senerio, I guess I will have to use elastic. :frowning:

If you are going to use elastic, buy elastic thread, not the thick stuff. I am having the same problem with the socks I made. They are acrylic. I am going to have to use elastic thread. The ribbing does go back to shape once it has been in the dryer but the first time you wear it, it stretches out again. I’ve started using K1P1 ribbing when knitting with the acrylic.

Good luck to you!

That is what I was going to use. I have some 1/8 elastic here and used it just to see what effect I would get. I think that it will work well and hide a lot better with the thread. I guess this is what I get for using cheap yarn.