Ribbing Question

I’m new at knitting and I wanted to try ribbing. I know that you knit two and then purl two. But my question is…when you finish one row, and lets say the pattern it knit 4, purl 4, knit 4, purl 4…when I begin the second row, do I purl or knit? I can’t get it right! :frowning:

It all depends on what you ended the previous row with. If you ended it with a P4, then you start with a K4. If you ended with K4, then you start with a P4. You do the exact opposite from what you did the previous row. After a few rows you will be able to see easily the difference and know which to do {purl the bumps and knit the v’s}.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Instead, I was ending with a P4 and starting the new row with a P4. :thumbsup:

You are very welcome, if you have any more questions, just holler. Someone here is always willing to help out and answer as best they can.

Oh! And welcome to the forum too, as well as the addiction we all lovingly refer to as knitting! :wink:

Thanks! :XX: That’s the cutest icon!