Ribbing Question

I am trying to do this pattern. http://knitandperl.blogspot.com/2007/07/baby-things.html.

The ribbing says K1P1 every row until work measures 2.5 inches. But when I do it, it turns into seed stitch. I am freaking confused. How am I ending up with seed stitching instead of ribbing?

Make sure you’re working the sts as they appear. If a ‘V’ knit it, if there’s a little bump, purl it. Sounds like you’re knitting the Ps and purling the Ks when you move to the next row…which creates seed st.


You’re either messing up somewhere or you have an odd number cast on.
Re-count your cast on.

Knitting them as they appear doesn’t work for me until I get a few rows and can see how the row appears.
I can’t always see what the one on the needle is unless I tug on the piece. Until I get 2 or 3 rows I have to trust the pattern.

If you have an even cast on and you’re not doubling a K or P and you’re not going a few rows before worrying, try going a few rows, it’s only 24 stitches.

Wooohooo!!! I think I got it!! I tried it on straight needles, next will be double pointed needles. But I got it!!!