Ribbing Question

I am making the Monkey sock from Knitty. It has a ktbl/purl ribbing when I tried it on it was too small. I usually don’t have much trouble with ribbing on socks but does that one make a more snug ribbing??? Could I switch it to a regular 1x1 ribbing without too much trouble. I really like the pattern and I would love to finish them.

Twisting a stitch (knitting through the back loop) does tighten it up. You can try it in regular 1x1 and see how it works out for you.


Cookie loves the twisted rib. It does change the look a bit on her socks. What needle size are you using? Could you go up a size for the cuff?

I don’t know about socks~ but i have been told the stretchiest ribbing in K2P2