Ribbing Question

I’m doing a preemie hat which you can check out at http://heavenlyangelsinneed.com/patterns/preemieribhat.pdf

The pattern contains the K2, P2 for one inch. Does this mean that I continue to knit rows until they measure an inch down from my needle. Or, do I knit a few stiches until it measures an inch across. Also, my ribbling looks absolutely nothing like ribbing, it looks like a twisted version of seed stitch and its driving me crazy! Can someone get me some help with this, please!

This hat is really cute and for a good cause, but I’m clueless on how to make it, can someone explain this to me in English!



When a pattern says to rib for an inch, then it’s from the cast on edge up to your needle.

For 2 x 2 ribbing, it’s k2, p2 all the way across. Your pattern says an even number of stitches, but for k2p2 ribbing on a hat, you should make sure that even number is also a multiple of 4, since there are 4 stitches in each ‘group’.

So if you have a multiple of 4, and you start with a k2p2, then each row can be k2p2 and you should get normal ribbing. If for some reason, you don’t want a multiple of 4, just remember that if you end with a purl, start with a knit; if you end with a knit, start with a purl.