Ribbing problem

I’m not sure what the problem is, but the ribbing for a sleeve cuff is behaving oddly. The ribbing looks even (in the sense that the knit bits and purl bits look about even), but it looks stretched at the top compared with the bottom. To the point where the stitches that make the “valleys” between the ribs almost seem to pop out.

I’m not sure if this is because the last row of ribbing called for me to increase the number of stitches (from 31 to 35) or if my tension was getting progressively (but evenly) looser as I knit.

I kind of suspect it’s a combination, but I’m not sure. Perhaps when I re-knit it, I should do the increases in the first line of stockinette instead of in the ribbing?

You can do the increases in the stockinette and see if that makes a difference.

is it possible to get a pick so we can see what the problem is…

I find sometimes with ribbing that it squeezes itself together as you knit it (if that makes sense), so it appears narrower at the bottom, but spread out more on your needles. As you knit more, the bits you are having a problem with should ‘squeeze’ together.

But i can’t be sure if there is an actual problem with the knitting without seeing it… i’m a visual person :??

I knit a sweater top down and found it looked better to do my last row of stockinette in the smaller needle that I used on the ribbing. Otherwise the first rib row looked wonky compared to the rest of them. I don’t think that going from ribbing to stockinette would have the same problem though.


Thanks for your suggestions!

I ripped the sleeve right back to the beginning, and re-knitted using a tighter tension on the ribbing, and added the extra stitches in the first row of stockinette (which I did with the smaller needles as well). It seems to have made a difference, although it wasn’t entirely right until I had several inches (like 6) knitted up the sleeve. Now it is looking pretty good (considering that it went from 31 stitches at the start to 69 where I’m at now), and I expect that blocking and sewing the sleeve up will solve the rest.