Ribbing on top of socks

Hello there. I knitted a pair of socks for the first time and did well except for the top where it goes from stockinette stitch to ribbing. I am knitting with circular needles and when I started knitting the ribbing (k1, p1) it left a small hole on each side where it meets the other needle. I am using a 40" needle and knitting both socks at the same time from the toe up. Does anyone know what I can do to correct that on the next pair?

This is called “laddering.” It happens whenever you knit with dpns. Depending on the stitch and your tension, it sometimes is more noticeable than others.

You can minimize it by shifting your stitches every couple of rounds (i.e. move a couple stitchs to the next needle) so that the holes aren’t in the same place every round. This will make it less moticeable.

More good news: it will also be less noticeable after you block/wash your socks.

I find that when knitting w/circs that if I pull the 2nd stitch in the round a little tighter it just about does away with the laddering. However, how fat the cable on the circs is will affect whether you need to or how much to tighten. You might experiment a bit and see if it helps. If my first stitch on the new needle is a purl, for some reason that helps with the laddering problem for me. HTH

GG is spot on about tightening the 2nd stitch, but be wary of over tightening, it can make laddering worse.