Ribbing k2, p2 query

Hi there!

I’m working on a ribbed cuff for a cardigan and the pattern demands K2,P2 but asked for 58 stitches (on the pattern size i am using the other options are 50 and 64 stitches). As this isn’t a multiple of 4 won’t this mess up my rubbing. I know that I’m supposed to K2P2 on both my RS and WS so should I not have either 56 or 60 stitches?

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Are you working flat? My feeble math attempt indicates that if you are you will have k2 at each end. When seamed you’ll lose 1 knit at each end and so you’ll have your k2, p2 pattern intact.

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Hi There. Yes I’m working flat but there isn’t anything in the pattern to account for that it just k2,p2 across the pattern. I’ve tried to add a picture but it’s not very clear

but my ribbing which I’ve done doesn’t look as ‘deep’ as the pattern. I don’t know it may just be my knitting (enthusiasm outweighs ability im afraid). I’ll have to keep going and hope it improves! Thank you so much for your reply though :blush:

Just as an update: I undid it and tried again using 60 stitches and if you can excuse the poor photography I am happier with this :grinning:

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It’s OK for it to not be a multiple of 4, especially when working flat, as GrumpyGramma already pointed out.

The problem you were having based on the first picture is that you weren’t reading your stitches and were ending up with a version of moss stitch rather than ribbing. When the number isn’t divisible by 4, when you turn to work back on the wrong side, you’d start with p2 rather than k2. Knit the knits and purl the purls.

Glad you figured out a solution you could work with, though. 2 stitches shouldn’t make a big difference in the size of the cuff, especially with ribbing.

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Appreciate all the assistance. I definitely wasn’t starting with a purl. Good to know. I will try it the way you have both advised as it has massive ribbed collar too so it needs to look half decent. Thank you :blush:

You want your ribbing to look like pic #2 and not like the first one. Whether you have multiples of 2 or 4 or whatever!!! Learn to read your knits and purls.


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I will - hopefully! Thank you :blush: