Ribbing increase

I am working on the back of the sweater, ribbing.
How do i continue my pattern if i need to increase 1 st each side ?

You just expand the pattern outward.

So let’s say you started with


do an increase at each end, and on the next row, work




[COLOR=Black]See? Keep expanding outward in whatever the stitch would be before the first one on the row and after the last one on the row.[/COLOR]

what stitches would I use at the edge to make a purl or knit stitch? (for increasing at each edge of ribbing) thanks.

alternately, move the increases in 2 stitches

VVuuVVuuVVuuVVuuVV (before increase)

V[COLOR=Red]VuuVV[/COLOR]uuVVuuVVuuVVuu[COLOR=Red]VVuu[/COLOR]VV after increases (shown in red)

yes, in row 1 you have 3 knits in a row, and row 2 4 knits in a row, but by row 4, you are back to ribbing…
this “pattern” of increases creates an easy to seam selvage too.

here is a hat with a similar pattern-(ok its decrease, and a hat) but you’ll see the idea…the side seams would look similar to one of the ribs of the hat… very attractive!

If you want to increase on the edge, you can p,k into one stitch if you need to start the row with a purl and then k,p into the last stitch. Or k,p. . . p,k if that’s what’s called for.

It’s not perfect, but when you work the following rows, the stitches get incorporated into the ribbing, and the increases look like they grow out of the edge. Seaming will hide any irregularities, too.