Ribbing in the round

I’m knitting a hat that requires ribbing all over it. When doing ribbing in the round, I can knit easily (I pass the right needle through the part of the stitch facing me from back to front and knit), but purling is harder. To purl, I pass the right needle through the back part of the stitch, the part not facing me, (as if knitting through the back), and drag the needle to the front of the stitch to open some space for it, and then purl it.

Is there a way to purl where you can use the back side of the stitch? (I apologize if the description of the process is unclear; knitting is hard to describe through writing :mrgreen: )

Have you checked out the different videos on the Purl page? And the tips page show how to do Ribbing. You insert your needle exactly the same purling in the round as you do for purling flat.

It sounds like you may be twisting it. Why do you purl that way instead of through the front? Or is that part of the pattern?

I don’t change my knitting technique at all for doing ribbing in the round. The fact that I knit combined probably helps. I may have to try ribbing my next set of socks Continental Style just to see what issues there may be.