Ribbing help?

If I cast on an even number of stitches for a ribbing pattern of k2, p2, and I end the row with a k2. do I start the next row of knitting with a p2? My ribbing is mixing the p2, in the k2, rows. Help?

For regular ribbing, if you end with k2, start with a p2.

As your ribbing gets a bit longer, you should be able to look at the work and see where to knit and purl–purl the bumps and knit the V’s to keep in pattern.

What are you making? are you joining with another piece or to itself… Reason I ask is usually k2p2 are in a series of 4 when casting on… that way when you join you have the K2 P2 all the way around. With the K2 on both ends does it not look odd?
Was this a pattern you are making or just something you are doing on your own?