Ribbing help

hey i had a quick question abt ribbing in the round on dpns. when i reach the end of a row and change colors in ribbing for some reason my new color’s first stitch is a row down, should i just delay changing colors by 1 stitch or is there a cleaner solution?


Here’s a link to a site that explains how to minimize the jog in your stripes.

so when i reach the end of the row, i break yarn, then before knitting the next stitch i slip it one needle backwards and k2tog???
wouldnt i be lacking a stitch then?

I believe what the original technique was, Knit with new color until you come back around to the 1st stitch you knitted with new color, go to the row below and pick up the stitch under the 1st stitch of new color and knit it and the 1st new color stitch together. So that stitch will have a loop of new color and loop of old color knitted together. You should still have same number of stitches on needles.
The other technique where you are breaking yarn off and starting new color instead of carrying old color along, she’s saying you could attach new yarn anywhere instead of at same stitch in each round so your color changes could be anywhere in the round.