Ribbing help

Im doing everything I have read. But my ribbing is coming out really wonky. Im doing K2P2 and it comes out looking like this

sorry for the bad pic but the flash washed out the pic

Help please :??

Are you doing k2, yarn between needles, p2, yarn between needles?

It does look a bit twisted… :??

Sometimes ribbing does look a bit dodgy for the first few rows.

It looks like you’re moving your yarn over or under the needle rather than between it to switch from knit to purl.

Knit with the yarn in back, then bring it forward between the needles to purl. Then bring it between the needles to the back to knit again.

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Amy has a really helpful video for 2x2 ribbing on this page – it’s under basic stitch patterns. (There is one video for English style knitting, and another for continental – just choose the one you prefer.) :thumbsup:

That’s exactly what my ribbing did the first time I tried it. I was bringing the yarn front to back and back to front under the needles and therefore under whatever knitting was already there.

Don’t worry, you’ll get it!

im still not getting it :shrug:

Go here and go down to basic stitch patterns to ribbing. When you change your yarn from front to back to make knits and purls, you need to bring the yarn between your needles, not over the top or under your work. I think I might have done the same thing a time or three myself when I first learned.


You know how when you are going to purl you bring the yarn forward between the needles? That’s all you do. When you are going to purl bring the yarn forward. When it’s time to knit again bring it back.

Here’s a couple links that may help, too.

I’m also having trouble with ribbing…
I can do a seed stitch so I know that I am not pulling the yarn under/over the wrong way, but when I try to do a 1x1 rib it keeps comes out looking like a bunch of knots that doesn’t resemble any pattern I’ve seen.
The pattern I am trying to make calls for a cast on of 49 stitches, then 1x1 rib. I’ve tried it doing all rows starting with knit and also with row 1 starting with a knit and row 2 starting with a purl, but either way it doesn’t look like a rib stitch.
Any thoughts?

When you have an odd number of stitches, you’ll end with a purl, so always start with a knit. How many rows have you knit before deciding it’s not working? Very often the first few rows of ribbing looks bad–you just keep going and suddenly it’s nice.

Guys - when you move the wool from front to back, think of it like this: the needles are like the two sides of a drawbridge, going up, the already knitted row is the water, and the wool goes exactly where a ship would pass beneath the drawbridge.

Not looping over the needles, just in between (kind of underneath and between the needles, but on top of the cast-on/knitted rows.

I got it :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks all :muah:

Ahh, that happened to me the first couple times I tried to rib…then one day it finally clicked! :smiley: