Ribbing Help/Weaving Ends


I am a bit confused on how to do ribbing, if someone could explain this too be I’d be VERY grateful.

Also, everytime I weave my ends, they look to be unraveling from where I weaved them? Am I doing something wrong?


Look at the ribbing video under Basic Stitches on the Tips page. The most common problem is moving the yarn over the needles instead of between them. Or not moving the yarn for the purls to knits, etc. How long are the ends you’re weaving in? 2-3" should be enough and if just the very ends pop out, trim them down.

Thanks… that was my problem, I was passing it OVER the needles. I will add you to my Ravelry, as I am knitting a baby blanket right now. Also, my tails are kinda long. 2-3" does sound reasonable. And normally it just unravels from the place where I last weaved it in, so I will trim the ends! Thanks!