Ribbing difficulties

Hi-I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to go with this, but I have a scarf that is now over a foot long and the ribbing shrinks in on itself. All you can see are the knit rows, not any purl rows in between unless you tug it. i have been doing k2 p2. Did I knit this too tightly? Help!

It’s the nature of ribbing to pull in. When you do ribbing on a sweater or hat, the shape of the garment helps to stretch it out. If you don’t like it the way it is, check out this pattern. Several of us have done it and it has a modifed type of ribbing, lays flat and is very soft. Easy to make, too. The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice.

dc–I had the same problem on a scarf I was making for my dh–ended up frogging it b/c it drove me insane.

Thanks for scrunchable scarf link Ingrid–I was wondering where to find that pattern!

Thanks for posting the scrunchable scarf pattern. What does it mean to CO extra stitches for the selvages? WHat do I do with them?


The selvedges are the first and last stitches on the row. These are extra beyond the 3 stitch pattern repeat. For a nice edge, slip the first stitch as if to purl and knit the last sticth in every row.